Useful Guidelines For No-nonsense Footwear Tactics

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Frustrated commuter during Southern rail strike The unrest is all the more unusual because for the last 30 years strikes have been falling to record low levels in the UK. Train drivers' strike halts services "We've not seen much strike action really since the mid-1980s," says Dr Alf Crossman, an industrial relations specialist at the University of Sussex. "Back then it was the great British disease. It was like the weather - something you put up with." The number and size of walkouts has dropped sharply since the days of the Miners' Strike in 1984-85 and the Winter of Discontent in the late 1970s. Click to see content: Workingdayslost In comparison, last year the number of working days lost through strikes - 170,000 - was the second lowest on record. "The level of action now pales into insignificance compared to the Winter of Discontent in 1978-79," says Prof Gregor Gall from the University of Bradford. Then, a wave of crippling strikes spread across the country, leading ultimately to the collapse of the Labour government and the election of Margaret Thatcher. "It's so difficult to draw real comparisons because so much has changed," agrees Dr Crossman. Before the Thatcher administration, trade unions were more powerful, while the railways, British Airways and Royal Mail were all state-owned. "We would not be talking about a Southern rail strike, it would be a nationwide rail strike," says Dr Crossman.