Trump's Campaign. The San Antonio Police, Caught On Video Wearing Campaign Gear, Were In Violation Of A Different Type Of City Policy That Prohibits Officersfrom Participating In Political Activity While Acting In Their Capacity As City Employees, The San Antonio Express-news Reports.

Or they have personal circumstances -- like a sick child, parent or health issues themselves -- that leave them with no choice. But the lack of benefits and security means that often, contractors are paid more. According to this study , incorporated, self-employed workers are paid more than salaried employees. (Those who are not incorporated earn less, but there are strategies -- like adding a 10 percent surcharge -- that can offset lack of benefits.) Related: Top 5 Freelancing Jobs That Are Best Suited For Women For many women, working in the gig economy is a stopover between full-time jobs, a temporary reprieve from the demands and stress of the ธุรกิจขายตรง maxx traditional workplace. Others choose to remain as freelancers, despite the obvious disadvantages, because full-time jobs dont offer the security they once did anyway. But all working women, no matter what path theyve chosen, are deeply torn about the choices they face. For a growing number, the best way to lean back in is to start their own business. Thus, the rise of women entrepreneurs . But for those who cant or dont want to start their own business, here are four reasons why the gig economy is a great solution: 1. Project-based work provides benefits.

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"I expect them to know better than to give the appearance of endorsing a candidate while on duty and in uniform, regardless of the political campaign or the candidate." Recommended: Can you pass the written police officer exam? Questions surrounding the role of police in campaigns have received increased attention in the past year, due to several high-profile incidents involving officers in uniform appearing to endorse political candidates. Some argue that officers should be allowed to express their freedom of speech; others say the practice violates policy and sets the wrong tone for a democracy. This isn't the first time uniformed police officers have appeared in a promotional video for Donald Trump. Last month, the city of Phoenix, Ariz., sent the Republican nominee's campaign a cease-and-desist letter over a television ad that showed Trump speaking with on-duty Phoenix officers. But unlike the officers in San Antonio, the Phoenix police said they were not intentionally showing support for Trump, did not realize that they had been photographed, and had not given permission for their images to appear in the ad. In his letter to the Trump campaign,City Attorney Brad Holm argued that the video violated federal and state law by using copyrightedmaterial without permission, writing,"In this context, the ad unmistakably and wrongfully suggests that Phoenix and the officers support or endorse Mr. Trump's campaign." The San Antonio police, caught on video wearing campaign gear, were in violation of a different type of city policy that prohibits officersfrom participating in political activity while acting in their capacity as city employees, the San Antonio Express-News reports. A number of cities and states have similar policies, to varying degrees. Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay came under fire this summer for speaking at the Democratic National Convention while in uniform, leading tocomplaints that the uniformed appearance was in violation of the municipal code. The debate over whether he had truly violated policy spurred several investigations on the matter, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports: Chief McLay insistedthat his speech was not campaigning yet, accusers pointed out, professional campaign speech writers had edited his remarks. Last month, in response to the incident, Pittsburgh's mayor asked the city's public safety director to consider creating clearer regulations on such matters. A similar debate has ensued in New Hampshire in recent weeks, after Senate hopefuls Sen. Kelly Ayotte and Gov.Maggie Hassan each featured law enforcement in advertisements.

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